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La Corte Red (Men)

La Corte Red (Men)

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This is a 10ML Roll-On Alcohol Free and Vegan Perfume Oil.

Product Description:

  • Intensity: Medium

  • A vibrant mix of juicy and tangy fruits, such as apple and watermelon, creates an energetic and refreshing opening.

  • Spicy and aromatic notes of ginger and cardamom add a touch of intrigue and warmth.

  • A woody and masculine base of cedar and vetiver completes the fragrance with a confident and modern vibe.



The color of the liquid will vary from the actual pictures.

These are hand made, designed, and labeled in Europe by Imaan Fragrances who have authorized us to expand their brand and sell in the U.S.

Please note the following important information:

  1. Allergies and Medical Conditions: We cannot provide specific ingredient details due to potential contamination risks. It is your responsibility to act responsibly regarding potential adverse reactions. We, as the website owner and Imaan Fragrances (our supplier), are not liable for any adverse effects or associated costs.

  2. Responsibility and Learning: We are a small business owned by a minority group, and mistakes may occur. We appreciate support and guidance for improvement, as we do not have significant capital to handle claims. Let us grow, improve, and learn together.

  3. Liability and Claims: PABMFH LLC and its owner(s) are not liable for legal, medical, allergy, or any other claims or associated costs from customers, vendors, suppliers, or any other parties. Mistakes happen, and we are committed to resolving issues without resorting to monetary, legal, civil, or criminal claims. Help us grow, improve, and support us.

  4. Authorization and Product Origin: We are authorized by Imaan Fragrances in Europe to sell and market their products in the U.S. These products are handmade, designed, and labeled by them in Europe.

Thank you for your interest, and we are confident that you will appreciate our products.

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